Jacob Sheldon

Jacob Sheldon

Product @ Hohm Energy



  • Product mgmt, strategy, and development
  • Angel investor in climate tech
  • Co-founder of Shiny
  • Based in Brooklyn, NY
  • Often in London, UK and Boulder, CO

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Shiny is a marketplace for fractional executives and startup founders to connect.

I bootstrapped Shiny on my own from February 2020 until April 2021 under the name SiliconCFO, at which point my Co-founder/CTO, Daniel Cipoletti, joined me on the journey.

In August 2021 we launched the first version of our platform. After rebranding to Shiny, and going through the ODX accelerator, we’re continuing to grow and get fractional executives hired at great startups.

→ useShiny.com


Warming Up to Climate Tech


My passion has always been for climate tech and sustainability. As a freshman in high school, I was building solar panels from scratch. My first real job was on the Innovation Team at Exelon, the largest electric company in the US.

Since then, I’ve gotten invaluable experience operating, growing, and investing in startups outside of climate tech.

On the side, I write about the climate tech industry in a newsletter called Warming Up to Climate Tech.

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When I’m able to support a startup in a high-impact way, I consult with them for a short period of time.

I’ve consulted for a wide variety of startups doing product strategy and development, fractional CFO work, operations consulting, M&A support, and general startup advisory.

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