About Jacob

Startup Founder, Financial Consultant, and Tech Nerd.

Jacob’s Story

Throughout Jacob’s life, he has found that he cannot go through the traditional structure. In school, he spent his time working on projects instead of getting good grades. It started with basic web development but quickly progressed into online business concepts. While at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Jacob focused his spare time on building startups while studying Entrepreneurship and Finance. Initially, he focused on working in clean energy before finding himself helping startups with their financial models, growth marketing, strategy, capital raising, and accounting. Within three years he was ready to graduate while running a startup called Slice Capital, an early equity crowdfunding platform, as CEO.

In 2019, Jacob decided to branch off into startup consulting and found himself focusing on the financial side of managing startups. He acted as CFO on a part-time basis for various early-stage startups as the Coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020 and was forced to slash many of his clients’ budgets. During the Pandemic, he has proceeded to focus his company, SiliconCFO, on finding jobs for Part-time CFOs at no cost. Jacob is also working on an app called Twella that takes a mindful approach to stop people from compulsive spending.


Startups, clean energy, finance, cycling, soccer, motorcycles, and travel.

Main Skills

Startup finance, growth management, negotiating, risk management, and organizational planning.

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